‘A-Z Listing Proper Nouns’ usage instructions

The A-Z Listing Proper Nouns plugin will augment the A-Z Listing plugin to provide two additional attributes on the [a-z-listing] shortcode. Use the shortcode as normal, and optionally provide the additional proper-nouns and fullname-suffixes attributes.

Additional Attributes on the Shortcode

  • proper-nouns Optionally tells the listing to enable or disable this extension. If present, it must be set to either on or off. The default is off so that this extension is disabled until this attribute is explicitly set to on.
  • fullname-suffixes takes a list of suffixes to ignore when indexing the items by last name. The list must be separated by commas: , The default is undefined so that no suffixes are considered unless you provide a list of suffixes to be ignored.


Turn on the extension

[a-z-listing proper-nouns="on"]

Ignore suffixes of patronomical lineage

[a-z-listing proper-nouns="on" fullname-suffixes="Jr,Sr,Junior,Senior,I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX,X"]