get_the_a_z_letters( array|string|WP_Query|A_Z_ListingQuery $query = null, bool|string $target = false, bool $styling = false, bool $use_cache = true )

Retrieve the A-Z Letter list




(array|string|WP_Query|A_Z_ListingQuery) (Optional) a valid WordPress query or an A_Z_ListingQuery instance.

Default value: null


(bool|string) (Optional) URL of the page to send the browser when a letter is clicked.

Default value: false


(bool) (Optional) unused.

Default value: false


(bool) (Optional) use the plugin's in-built query cache.

Default value: true


(string) HTML ready for echoing containing the list of A-Z letters with anchor links to the A-Z Index page.


File: functions/helpers.php

function get_the_a_z_letters( $query = null, $target = false, $styling = false ) {
	return a_z_listing_cache( $query )->get_the_letters( $target, $styling );


Version Description
0.8.0 Introduced.

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